Matt Loftus was the builder of our house in Clayton, GA in 2013 – 2014. We bought our property and began building in July 2013. We lived in Baton Rouge, LA during the building of our house. We would visit as much as possible to oversee the process because we could not be present all of the time. I trusted him to do what he said and get the work done even though we couldn’t be there to make sure.

In September, 2013, my husband died suddenly of a heart attack. I was devastated, especially since this happened during the middle of a building process. This house was our retirement home meant to be spent together and all of a sudden I was alone. Matt was very comforting and reassured me that he would do everything to make things easier for me.

Matt had a clear vision of what the overall plan would look like. This plan had never been built in this area so I relied on Matt because I couldn’t see one with similar structure. He suggested new architectural styles and designs to improve our plan. He had great attention to detail and really helped enhance the overall look of our house. He had great time management skills, great patience and tact and made sure he put quality over quantity of details.

Even after the house was completed, he came back and built a beautiful deck to enhance the property. He made sure I selected quality wood that would last so that I would never have to worry about replacing the wood. He gave me the products to use to stain and maintain it.