We renovated our three upstairs bathrooms just a few years ago. We had heard great things about Matt and Steve Loftus and their price was competitive so we went with them. We were concerned how we would manage without our bathrooms through the renovation process but the worries were for nothing. The construction was done one bathroom at a time so we could still live in our home. They started with our daughters’ Jack and Jill bathroom first. Once that was complete my son’s bathroom was next and then our master.  There was someone here every day doing work.  I really appreciated that the work started and stopped at a reasonable time everyday so we still had our home and our privacy.

Honestly the mess was minimal and we were able to live with and through the renovation. All three bathrooms came out great and in a timely manner.  We were happy with the materials and labor. We also very much appreciated the input we received from Matt when small issues occurred.

Matt and Steve Loftus are great to work with. I continue to recommend them to neighbors and friends. Everyone is always extremely happy with their work.