Have been working with Heartland Contracting LLC for the last six years in renovating various aspects of my home. To briefly name a few:

  • Replacing all of our windows in new PVC and high efficiency glass, in where they not only did the installation but also supplied the windows.
  • Rebuilding the living room nook from the ground up as result of water damage
  • Re-designing the pool room
  • Rebuilding the internal staircase from carpeted to wood flooring and iron banisters
  • As well as remodeling the kitchen and bathroom.

Have found Heartland Contracting LLC to very knowledgeable in guiding me through the process, their experience and ideas have helped greatly in our material selection in customizing the renovations.


More so over the years they have proven to be timely on a day by day basis as well as completing a renovation as initially scheduled.  Have full confidence in them and do allow them to work my home providing them with their own keys during the renovation.